Usage Agreement

By inviting the Discord Bot *MeldkamerBot 2.0* (Unique discord user ID 963431712673648651. Hereby referred to as “bot”) to a Discord Server (“server”), or by using its features, you agree to the below listed Terms of Service (“terms”) and Privacy Policy (“policy”).

You may invite the bot to a server you have sufficient permissions for and use its sets of features on any server you share with it. This priviledge can be revoked and the bot be removed from the server at any time, should you violate these terms and/or policy, the Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy of Discord Inc., or their Community Guidelines.

Through inviting the bot, you agree to share data as described in the bot’s policy. The intended use of this data is described in said policy.


The Bot is not affiliated with, supported or made by Discord Inc.
Any direct connection to Discord or any of its Trademark objects is purely coincidental. We do not claim to have the copyright ownership of any of Discord’s assets, trademarks or other intellectual property.


The owner of the bot has faith in a users honesty and that the bot may only be used for its intended purpose and not in malicious ways against others or Discord Inc.

We reserve the right to update these Terms and policy at our own discretion, giving a 1 Week (7 days) period to opt out of the changed Terms and policy. You may opt out of these terms and policy by removing the bot from any server you have permission for and not using its features.


People may get in contact through e-mail at
Other ways of support may be provided but aren’t guaranteed.

Privacy Policy

Usage of Data

The bot may use stored data, as defined below, for different features including but not limited to: Welcoming joining users (when enabled) and command handling.
No usage of data outside of the aformentioned cases will happen and the data is not shared with any 3rd-party site or service.

Stored Information

The bot may store the following information automatically when being invited to a new Discord Server:

  • id
  • language
  • prefix

No other information outside of the above mentioned one will be stored.

Updating Data

The data may be updated when using specific features of the bot.
Such updates of data often requires the input of a user, including data that can be seen as identifiable and sensitive, such as text messages. This data is only kept in the database and only used for its intended purpose.

Temporarely stored Information

The Bot may keep the stored information in an internal cacheing mechanic for a certain amount of time to reduce requests to its database.
After a specified time period will the cached data be discared and only re-aquired when needed.

Data may be dropped from cache pre-maturely through actions such as removing the bot from the Server.

Removal of Data

Automatic removal

Stored Data can be removed automatically through means of removing the bot from a Server. This can be achieved by using the moderation features provided by Discord.
Re-adding the bot back to the server will store data again.

Manual removal

Manual removal of the data can be requested through email at
For security reasons will we ask you to provide us with proof of ownership of the server, that you wish the data to be removed of. Only a server owner may request manual removal of data and requesting it will result in the bot being removed from the server, if still present on it.